Facts About NaPro for those struggling with infertility


Can NaPro help?

If you or someone you know is struggling with infertility and would like to better understand whether NaProTechnology can help, this ebook is for you.

This ebook helps women & couples understand NaPro. It describes the big picture so readers can get a sense of whether NaPro is right for them.

We surveyed NaPro users to address their most common questions and replied with answers from Medical Consultants and FCPs in an easy to understand format.

9 Facts About Napro Ebook


Written in "plain english" by Medical Consultants, FertilityCare Practitioners, and NaPro Users


Understand what NaPro is and who it's for...

1. NaPro Fixes What's Wrong
2. Takes A Few Minutes Each Day
3. Who NaPro Is For


Covers the basics of medical and surgical NaPro...

4. Health Problems NaPro Addresses
5. What's Involved For The NaPro User
6. The Treatments Users Might Receive


Compares NaPro with IVF and invites readers to get started...

7. How NaPro Treatments Compare to IVF
8. NaPro vs IVF Success Rates
9. Length of Time for NaPro Treatments


Comments from people who've reviewed the content

What FertilityCare Practitioners say about this ebook...


Who Made This?

The content in this ebook was produced by FertilityCare Medical Consultants and Practitioners.

The project was led Brian Whittaker and his wife, Naomi Whittaker, OBGYN, MC FCI (pictured).

It began with a survey of NaPro users.

We asked "What was your biggest challenge in finding an alternative to IVF?" Their biggest challenge: "I didn't know NaPro existed."

The second biggest challenge: Once they knew NaPro existed, they didn't understand what NaPro was. They wanted to know what was involved in NaPro and how it differed from IVF.

This ebook is meant to address both of those challenges and give those struggling with infertility enough information to contact a NaPro provider.